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The Essentials After Fire Damage

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

fire image freeport ny information We work with your insurance and local fire departments to make sure that your business is in safe hands after a fire occurs.

When fire damage occurs, you need to get immediate fire damage restoration help to prevent further damage to your property. Any delay in getting professional assistance could result in extensive damage to your Long Island property.

After a commercial fire damage, the probability of further damage due to standing water or excessive moisture is higher. It is imperative that you protect your investment by acting fast to get professional help. That's where SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt comes in!

Smoke is a byproduct of fire and because it is acidic, it is capable of causing corrosion and staining of surfaces such as counters and walls. In some cases there is extensive smoke damage, soot damage and smoke, which need to be addressed appropriately.

Flooding and methods used to extinguish fire in home or fire in business lead to excessive water in the affected area. Fire cleanup professionals provide fast services for smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell.

What You Should Do

  • Call the professionals – you will need the services of professionals, so before you do anything else, call the experts.
  • Open all the windows to get air moving to remove the smoke smell.
  • Move kids and pets to a smoke-free area. Move them to a relative's or friend's home until the fire cleanup or restoration is complete.
  • Inventory your belongings. Make a list of the contents of your home or business that need replacing. Taking pictures of the affected items or damage, is a good idea. You will need these for insurance claims purposes, and for your own records.

The Initial Assessment

Fire cleanup professionals enter the property to conduct the necessary assessment and determine how to approach the situation. During the assessment, they will be able to come up with an approximate estimate for the fire cleanup.

Filing The Insurance Claim

Fire damage restoration teams can also file your insurance claims for you to accelerate the process. They will be able to provide details about the fire in home or commercial fire damage to your insurance company. This gives you immediate access to money to pay for fire damage restoration services.

They will answer your questions, address your concerns, and explain the entire process to you. They get everything taken care of so you can get back to your normal life.

Water Removal

The most important step for remediation is removing all water in home or water in business. All standing water increases the risk of weakening the framing and support. Fire damage restoration professionals use state-of-the-art vacuums and high power dryers to remove all water and moisture from the area.

Eliminating Damaged Materials

Fire cleanup experts remove all damaged materials and smoke smell using appropriate protocol. They wear protective clothing and remove the materials prior to beginning the fire cleanup efforts.

Commercial fire damage experts will perform a thorough cleaning of all areas of your property affected by the fire, smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell. Fire damage technicians will examine your property after the fire in home or fire in business cleanup to ensure that their efforts are successful.

Reputable Fire Damage Team

Dealing with a fire in business or fire in home is something most property owners have never had to experience. Restoration teams deal with this type of crisis often and they know exactly how to handle it. 

It is crucial that a highly experienced and dedicated restoration team of professionals can get in quickly to provide the fire cleaning service.

If you need commercial fire restoration, you should contact SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt for a reliable commercial fire damage company, and trust your team with a team of professionals. Experienced technicians have great expertise in mitigating fire in home, fire in business as well as smoke damage and soot damage.

After your commercial fire restoration service has been handled by certified SERVPRO technicians, you will be certainly amazed at the quality and condition of your property. If you need fire restoration, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt at 516-774-2200.

Tips for Preventing Mold Growth

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

mold growth servpro commercial Dealing with Mold Growth in your Commercial Workspace? Call our office for a FREE Consultation at (516) 774-2200

Our Tips for Upgrading Your Commercial Cleaning Practices for Mold Control

Finding a mold problem in your commercial building in Long Island, New York can be frustrating. It may seem that there is nothing you can do to foresee and prevent such issues, but that's not usually the case. Keeping your building dry and clean with regular tasks such as air duct and carpet cleaning can help you stop mold in its tracks. Here are three tips for upgrading your cleaning practices for mold control.

1. Remove Dust From Air Ducts

Mold spores love to latch onto dust, so it logically follows that the less dust you have in your building, the less likely you are to have places where mold will want to settle and grow. Your HVAC system is full of hard-to-reach places for dust to gather. It's a good idea to have it cleaned professionally once a quarter to prevent a buildup of dust for fungus to feed on.

2. Protect Your Floors

Spores travel inside on clothing, bags and shoes, and they often settle on your floor. If your carpet is wet in any area, it is highly susceptible to mold development. Regular carpet cleaning as well as the placement of industrial mats at every door to catch some of the spores as people enter can prevent this problem.

3. Improve Air Quality

Your janitorial staff probably vacuums your building daily. To further improve air quality and thus lower the number of particulates in the air, mold remediation specialists recommend vacuums with HEPA filters. These filters clean the air by trapping fungus spores and other particles. The fewer spores you have in the air, the less likely they are to settle and create mold problems.

You don't have to resign yourself to the assumption that a mold problem is something you will inevitably have to deal with. With thorough carpet cleaning, vacuum upgrades and professional duct cleaning, you can reasonably expect to prevent a mold growth in your building.

 Need Mold Remediation? Do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt at (516) 774-2200.

Preparing Your Business For A Storm

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

When water infiltrates a business, it poses several dilemmas for commercial property owners. The flooding puts the place temporarily out-of-commission, and the proprietors must begin work looking over the structure and possessions.

Is there a way to avoid or mitigate damage? 

Proactive owners should be aware of several steps that prove useful in securing the premises and reducing trouble. The following are four points to consider.

1. Review and Update Insurance Policies

Is black water covered by insurance? Come plans don't cover flood damage, so it's best to read through the information now rather than be disappointed later on. Discuss this with an agent. Sometimes, commercial owners can add this option to the policy. It may cost a bit more, but it may be useful after a storm.

2. Save Important Data

Many significant documents are saved on computer systems. Flooding can destroy the database, erasing records that owners may need. Regularly back up files on a cloud or external drive so that they are readily available at any time.

3. Inspect the Property

Before a major weather season hits, have various aspects of the location assessed. For example, evaluate windows and doors, checking for holes or cracks. Patch these up to avoid weaknesses that could permit flood damage. In addition, have a roofer look over the shingles and flashing. Patch any areas of concern. Even small leaks can be concerning. Inspect basements, plumbing and air handlers. Ensure that everything is in proper condition.

4. Prepare the Structure

When severe snow or rain is coming, watch the news, remaining aware of potential issues. If surges are expected, prepare sandbags for the outside. Pick up objects that aren't tied down. Wind can turn them into a threat. Move assets to higher ground, and have batteries and a generator ready in case power goes out.
Flooding isn't preventable, but it can be limited. Those in charge should work ahead of the storm to safeguard the building and what is inside.

Every Commercial Property Needs an ERP: Here's Why

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt provides a way to prepare yourself for when disaster strikes. Whether it is your home or business you can have an ERP in case of any disaster. The best thing? It’s provided by our office to you for FREE! Our office is dedicated to educating and supporting businesses to avoid disasters before they happen. For the best preparation, we offer a customized ERP to all offices and workspaces across the Long Island area.

What is an ERP?

It’s simple! An ERP is an acronym for 'Emergency Ready Plan'. We know that every hour your workspace is down is business lost, so an ERP is meant to minimize time spent responding to a crisis. Knowing where your water main is or where your fire extinguisher is, can vastly change the amount of damage done to your space and reduce the amount you will have to pay for in terms of replacement. 

What does an ERP provide?

The ERP provides a one-stop shop for all information you would need for specific situations, like what to do if a fire or water damage occurs. It gives you the phone numbers you need to call and the steps to follow to minimize damage. In addition, our team will be able to take photos of the equipment listed in the directions. Need to turn off the water? You will be able to check the ERP and find the location with an accompanying photo to help you locate the water main. 

Business owners will have the chance to review their sprinkler and alarm systems in order to stay informed in the case of emergency.

When disaster strikes, it’s normal to feel stressed out and unable to act quickly. If you’ve never experienced a disaster before, it can be overwhelming. Our ERP is a quick way to solve an issue quickly, which can help business owners stay on top of the unpredictable. Give SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt a call at (516) 774-2200 to schedule your complimentary ERP!