Water Damage Photo Gallery

water damage

Pipe Burst!

A pipe burst and we were called down for the cleanup. The damage was pretty substantial but we made it better in the end. The owners were happy we were able to fully remove the water and prevent any mold from forming in the future. 


Flooding in the Office

This office had to take the day off while we extracted the water and removed the soiled flooring. We made sure to work with haste so their business actives could resume. In the end everyone was happy with the results!

Water Damage

Carpet Soaked From Water

This carpet had to come up after a water damage ruined it and caused mold to grow underneath. We were able to remove the affected carpet and extract the water from the area. Once we finished up we were able to get them back in business!

water damage

Cleanup on Aisile 5!

When this store called us to clean up this water damage we rushed to the rescue. We understand how time makes a huge difference when it comes to your business. Don't be afraid to call us when disaster strikes, we will have everything back to normal in no time.

water damage

Gym Water Damage

When this gym had a water damage SERVPRO of Freeport was there to help. We arrived to the scene and extracted the water immediately. Once this was done we began the drying process and got them back in business so people could start their workouts again. 

Water Leak on Ceiling

Water Leak on Ceiling - SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt

The cause of many water leaks from the ceiling are faulty plumbing lines. A tell-tale sign is clear water, instead of brown or murky. Consistent leaking is another sign of a crack or break in plumbing. Get help right away before mold growth or structural damage occurs.

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