Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Hotel Fire

Fire in the bedroom

A fire broke out in this hotels bedroom that resulted in a major cleanup. We had to remove the damaged flooring and walls, then begin removing soot off of the undamaged ones. This process was tedious, but when finished you could not tell that the fire occurred. 

Grease fire destroyed kitchen

Grease Fire At Home

This homes kitchen was completely destroyed after a grease fire took its toll. We came in and removed all the damaged goods then began our cleanup of the area to begin a full restoration. 

Fire in bathroom

A Hotel Disaster

This hotel experienced a severe fire loss after a candle was knocked over in a guests bathroom. The flames engulfed the bathroom and destroyed everything in that room as well as leaving behind damage to the hall. 

Fire damage on roof

Dealing with the damage after the fire

This fire spread rapidly into the whole room and made its way to the roof through vents. This left a burnt roof and soot all over. We setup air purifying equipment and got to cleaning the damaged areas. 

Fire in the tub

Bathroom Fire

We were called to this house for a bathroom fire that completely destroyed the room including the tub. We took everything out and were able to re-build the bathroom as well as remove the smoke and soot from the home. 

kitchen fire

Kitchen Fire

When the heat gets turned up in the kitchen and a fire breaks out, we are there to help. This kitchen experienced a fire that left behind soot and smoke smell throughout, we arrived quickly and did our job to restore it to its original state.