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Hotel Fire

Fire in the bedroom

A fire broke out in this hotels bedroom that resulted in a major cleanup. We had to remove the damaged flooring and walls, then begin removing soot off of the undamaged ones. This process was tedious, but when finished you could not tell that the fire occurred. 

Grease fire destroyed kitchen

Grease Fire At Home

This homes kitchen was completely destroyed after a grease fire took its toll. We came in and removed all the damaged goods then began our cleanup of the area to begin a full restoration. 

Fire in bathroom

A Hotel Disaster

This hotel experienced a severe fire loss after a candle was knocked over in a guests bathroom. The flames engulfed the bathroom and destroyed everything in that room as well as leaving behind damage to the hall. 

Fire damage on roof

Dealing with the damage after the fire

This fire spread rapidly into the whole room and made its way to the roof through vents. This left a burnt roof and soot all over. We setup air purifying equipment and got to cleaning the damaged areas. 

Fire in the tub

Bathroom Fire

We were called to this house for a bathroom fire that completely destroyed the room including the tub. We took everything out and were able to re-build the bathroom as well as remove the smoke and soot from the home. 

kitchen fire

Kitchen Fire

When the heat gets turned up in the kitchen and a fire breaks out, we are there to help. This kitchen experienced a fire that left behind soot and smoke smell throughout, we arrived quickly and did our job to restore it to its original state.

Van on the way to job

Faster Response Times

We are ready to respond to your disasters at any time and arrive with the sufficient resources 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can expect us to take care of the cleanup and restoration as quick as possible. 

Preparing a job for work to be done

Careful Preparations

We take serious pride in the work we do, and this begins in the preparation phase. This big staircase was going to have crew members walking up and down so we made sure it was going to be safe during the whole process. 

Using ladders to reach the high ceilings

Working Up High

We are willing to go to all sorts of heights to complete your job, in this case literally. We had to get up high to put up protective barriers before we started working. 

Flooding in this office we had to remove

Flooding In the Office

When the water is so deep you have to splash through it, it is definitely time to give us a call. We arrived to this disaster caused by the fire sprinkler system. Here is a crew member walking through it to inspect.

Spraying into the flood cuts for mold

Flood Cuts

After these flood cuts were made and the water was extracted we noticed mold. This required us to treat the area as shown, before closing it up again to prevent further growth in the area. 

drying machines

Office Cleanup

This office called us up with a water damage that just occurred, we sprung into action and began extracting water and setting up drying equipment.. Because of the combined quick response to the situation we were able to clean it all up with no obstacles. 

Office water restoration with drying equipment set up

Commercial Water Damage

We began our extraction process and finished it off with drying the areas as shown here that still had moisture present. The client was extremely happy with the speed we were able to work.

Preparing this job with paper on the floor and plastic on the ceiling

Commercial Preparations

In this hall we made sure to prepare all of the surfaces. This not only prevents scratches and dings to the walls and letting debris out, it also makes cleanup extremely efficient!


Storm Damage at Home

Rain got let in through this homes window and caused damage to the hardwood flooring. We arrived to perform a full cleanup and restoration of the area. The homeowners were very pleased with the work we performed and we were satisfied with our job well done.


Storm Damage Restoration

When a storm attacked this home we arrived to the scene to perform a complete cleanup and restoration. The damage that occurred was significant but once we finished it truly looked, "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage

Storm Flooding

When a storm brought flooding into the basement of this home we arrived to perform our magic, drying equipment was placed and we came back the next day. We cleaned up the mess with speed and left the homeowners with a job well done. 


Basement Flooding

A basement flood was taken care of with ease when the owner gave us a call. We were able to remove all of the water and place drying equipment to dry up to excess moisture that remained. 

Moisture reading

Lots of Moisture!

The moisture readings came out super high after a storm let water into this home. We worked to extract all of the water from the floor and surrounding areas until the readings came back to where we wanted. 


Ready for the Storm

We are always ready for the storms to come, no matter the size or type of damage we are there to help. SERVPRO is dedicated to assisting our community with the best possible service and that means being fully stocked and ready to go!

water damage

Pipe Burst!

A pipe burst and we were called down for the cleanup. The damage was pretty substantial but we made it better in the end. The owners were happy we were able to fully remove the water and prevent any mold from forming in the future. 


Flooding in the Office

This office had to take the day off while we extracted the water and removed the soiled flooring. We made sure to work with haste so their business actives could resume. In the end everyone was happy with the results!

Water Damage

Carpet Soaked From Water

This carpet had to come up after a water damage ruined it and caused mold to grow underneath. We were able to remove the affected carpet and extract the water from the area. Once we finished up we were able to get them back in business!

water damage

Cleanup on Aisile 5!

When this store called us to clean up this water damage we rushed to the rescue. We understand how time makes a huge difference when it comes to your business. Don't be afraid to call us when disaster strikes, we will have everything back to normal in no time.

water damage

Gym Water Damage

When this gym had a water damage SERVPRO of Freeport was there to help. We arrived to the scene and extracted the water immediately. Once this was done we began the drying process and got them back in business so people could start their workouts again. 

Water Leak on Ceiling

Water Leak on Ceiling - SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt

The cause of many water leaks from the ceiling are faulty plumbing lines. A tell-tale sign is clear water, instead of brown or murky. Consistent leaking is another sign of a crack or break in plumbing. Get help right away before mold growth or structural damage occurs.

Call us for Water Damage Emergencies (516) 774-2200

Mold Remediation Services

Professional Mold Remediation Services

Mold can produce allergens and irritants and has the potential to cause other health effects. Mold can spread quickly through your Long Island home or business in as little as 48 hours.

Suspect that your home or business has a mold problem? No worries! Our technicians can inspect and assess your property. If mold is found, we have the expert training,  advanced equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation. 

Need to move? We're here for you

Packing & Moving Services: Residential & Commercial

Moving to another office across town? Or moving down the street? Either way, our team is here to help you with any packing or moving services needed.

SERVPRO of Freeport, Roosevelt technicians come prepared with trucks kitted out with pads, straps and furniture blankets to move your furniture and belongings safely. A full inventory is executed, so nothing is lost or misplaced.

Move out due to a fire or water loss? We train our experts to handle your possessions with the same care they show for their own belongings. Our goal is to provide as much support and care to take the stress off your shoulders.

Our aim is to make pack-outs stress-free and short as possible so you can resume normal life after a fire.

HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC Services - HERE TO HELP

As a rule of thumb, commercial HVAC units should be checked at least 2x a year. Ideally, this would be in the Spring and Fall, just before the heaviest demands will be put on the equipment.

Our Warehouse

Highest Standards - Warehouse

We believe that a clean, well-maintained warehouse enables our team to be prepared for anything. No matter your need or emergency, we're ready to help you in your time of need.

Our PM Is Here For You!

Always Ready to Roll

We're here for you! When disaster strikes, you can count on a team-member like our PM, Maria Lehn, to be able to help restore your home to make it look "like it never even happened".